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Creative implementation of communication goals

What Bendesign offers

Between identical offers, products and services, aesthetics is a possible distinguishing feature. Graphic design can increase the pure benefit and increase the perceived value per se.


Idea, competitive analysis
and design strategy


graphic design, conception
and illustration


Architecture, Innovation
and development


Services from Bendesign

To achieve a positive impact

For my clients I deal with the appropriate implementation of convincing communication goals. In this context, the following focal points have developed over time and form the core of my services.



For me, the presentation of negative aspects in pictures is not important. Instead, I am interested in depicting an ideal. I want to show what we can achieve if we really try our best. With my pictures I want to surprise, inspire and motivate.

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  • art direction / art projects
  • concept art
  • drawings and sketches


Useful design

Graphic design brings messages to the point. An appealing form supports the message and the visual information transfer. In addition, design can be used to achieve synergy effects for identification and differentiation.

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For a great impression

A successful business appearance continues on all media that are needed in everyday business. Whether it's a letter of offer, website or business cards: a clear corporate design always represents your company with an excellent appearance.

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Sales promotion

Advertising visualizes possible sales arguments in a memorable way and supports the sale of products and services. Brands should position themselves where potential customers come into contact with your products. Whether Internet, Citylight or packaging design: a good advertising campaign gets your message across.

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generate leads

Modern websites should be based on easy-to-maintain sales funnels in corporate design, integrate advanced social media functions, provide practice-oriented landing pages and responsive layouts on all common end devices. This is how new customers can be acquired on the net.

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Moving contents

Campaigns must arouse curiosity and tell stories. Only with truly relevant content can attention be gained today. Let us tell the story of your product together.

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The design range from Bendesign

Get your corporate communication in shape

It's not just about beautiful pictures, but about putting your message into an attractive form. Every appearance must contain a relevant message.

» »Anyone who doesn't advertise dies.« «


Henry Ford (1863 - 1947),
car pioneer and US-American industrialist