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About Bendesign

Using creativity to achieve a positive effect

Graphic design

Creative design

My name is Stephan Bender. I am a graphic artist who also paints pictures. My enthusiasm for my work is centred on the drive to accompany brands that are able to inspire people. my name is Stephan Bender. I am a graphic artist who also paints pictures. At the heart of my enthusiasm for my work is the drive to accompany brands that are capable of inspiring people.

My professional career has helped me gain a wealth of experience in the field of corporate communications. Since 2009 I have been supporting companies as a freelance graphic designer to successfully position themselves in the market. Over the years, I have worked as a graphic designer in various advertising agencies, supporting numerous national and international clients in their projects.

I have specialized in the conception and creation of visual forms of expression, combining graphic design, art and creative direction, illustration and digital design. In my work I use a mixture of traditional and digital methods. Depending on the requirements, I work on projects either digitally on the computer or classically with pen and paper. My work encompasses all aspects of communication design and ranges from the idea to the creative realisation and the qualitative material or digital result.

My clients commission me to highlight a brand through appropriate design, to increase awareness, to boost sales or to address a new audience through digital marketing initiatives.

Tailor-made service

Every company is unique and deserves a final product that really fits its business. I believe in the power of creativity to differentiate, which is why each project starts with a process that focuses on identifying and visually representing the unique quality of a product or brand.

By making your brand stand out, companies can grow faster and easier. With a consistent visual style, we convey a clear message. Bendesign develops original design solutions for companies and brands.





Freelance graphic designer

Bendesign’s clients include small to medium-sized companies and companies from various industries. In most projects I work directly with the marketing managers.

Graphic quality

Practice-oriented development

The starting point in the creation of any graphic project is the elaboration of the substantive message. It is not about beautiful pictures. It’s about getting the right message into shape effectively. That is why every project begins with structuring the content. Only when this structure has been established is it graphically implemented.

High design quality

Aesthetics, function and authenticity.

Many years of practical experience

Versatile industry experience.

Little personal effort

Structured project organization.

Economical design structure

Synesthetic design communication.

Special and Unique

Individual design concept.

Design studio


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